The school was established in 1981, a parents co-op home school with focused on teaching traditional Chinese language and culture. As of today, we have 150 students, 16 language classes from toddler to 10th grade. The school also offers 10 extracurricular culture classes.

Since 1992, the school has been accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education as a foreign language school. In the following year, school districts 113, 125, 211, 214 and 220 accepted the Foreign language credit transfer from students who earned Chinese language credits from CNSCS.

CNSCS is a member of Midwest Chinese Schools Association. Students also participate in Midwest area Speech Contest, Vocabulary Contest, Hi-Hwa sports activities (Basketball, Tennis, Internal Dance Performance, etc), and Chicago New Year Celebration Program.

The school is a not-for-profit private school and does not discriminate in its admission and hiring practices with regard to race, gender, religion and/or national/ethnic origin.




  • To teach Chinese language, history, culture, and heritage to students.
  • To provide a learning environment for the students and their families.
  • To foster fellowship among members at school.
  • To promote educational networking and cultural exchange among areas schools and organizations.
  • To participate in charitable, humanitarian activities and community services.